With its wide modular structure and rich functions, it not only improves the business processes of medium and large scale enterprises, but also supports productivity at any time thanks to its use over the web. Web-based solution for medium and large businesses. Logo Tiger Wings enables medium and large-sized businesses to easily manage all their activities from a single point.

Efficiency in business processes is achieved by central and consistent execution of all operations, from procurement processes to customer relationship management. The web-based structure of the solution also significantly reduces initial setup costs. Thus, businesses can get rid of unnecessary workload and costs and allocate resources to competitive advantage and innovation. With Logo Tiger Wings, which provides quick and easy access to the system via mobile devices, ERP becomes independent of time and space.


Thanks to its web-based structure, Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise provides access to the system anytime, anywhere. With its structure that can also be used on mobile devices, this solution offers the opportunity to manage and control complex systems without interruption. As a result of instant access to information, business processes become more efficient and time and cost savings are also achieved.


Covering all business processes from resource management to material requirement planning, from cost accounting to foreign trade, including production processes, Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise can be enriched with additional functions according to needs.


Better quality stock operations Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise Stock Control Screen; It enables to create and follow stock, targets and strategies, to control inventory costs, to monitor instant stock values ​​and levels. Thanks to the material classification and leveled hierarchy designed for employees with different product ranges, products can be easily tracked. With the matrix interface, materials of the same type can be monitored with different properties, and a change involving thousands of materials can be updated by changing only a single definition. Thanks to the tracking feature with different units, the materials can be tracked with an unlimited number of units, while reporting can be made through a single unit with the conversion coefficients feature.

Enabling businesses to build their financial structure on up-to-date and accurate data, Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise offers flexibility to meet all kinds of needs with its payment and collection plan definitions, as well as providing access to up-to-date profitability analysis. Within the framework of the determined limits and rules, risk monitoring and electronic warning can be sent; Ba-Bs reconciliations for current accounts can also be prepared with a single click and sent electronically.

With Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise, the entire process from order stage to delivery is carried out effectively and customer satisfaction is ensured. Every stage, from the creation of the necessary documents to the timely delivery, can be managed in an integrated manner.

Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise can easily be used not only in domestic operations, but also in business with companies abroad or in group companies or subsidiaries. With its flexible foreign exchange system and reporting structure, it offers a strong financial control opportunity in every part of the world. Logo Tiger Wings Foreign Trade Screen enables to perform import and export transactions more effectively, more efficiently and in compliance with legal obligations. All liabilities can be tracked through Logo Tiger Wings in harmony and integration with other processes such as accounting, finance, purchasing, sales and distribution.