• E-Commerce
  • Adaptation
  • Software Services
  • MVC Platform

E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce integration; It is the name given to the link that transfers the data from your marketplaces or e-commerce site where you make your sales to other applications you use and ensures that all these systems work in harmony.

Logo Customization

Logo Erp Software has a modular structure. When you want to stretch the modules according to your wishes and needs or apply your own solution to the Logo, the adaptation tools of the Logo come into play.

Windows Form – Devexpress

Windows Forms is a free and open source graphical class library included as part of Microsoft .NET, .NET Framework or Mono Framework and provides a platform for writing rich client applications for desktop, laptop and tablet PCs.

Web MVC Platform

Model-View-Controller, yazılım mühendisliğinde kullanılan bir “mimari desen”dir. Kullanıcıya yüklü miktarda verinin sunulduğu karmaşık uygulamalarda veri ve gösterimin soyutlanması esasına dayanır.